Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Pemi rainbows

The trip I'm gonna present now happened a couple of weeks ago, before the rain hit New Hampshire. I always wanted to fish the Pemi in Bristol area, I've heard about some big fish being pulled out of there. Also the area is stocked with broodstock atlantic salmon, and that is a fish I don't mind encountering.

I was surprised that despite a ton of bugs flying, there were no raises at all. The first fish I've caught was a fat rainbow that was hiding under at least 1o feet of water. I needed a tungsten BH nymph to convince it to bite. It looked like it stayed in the river for at list a year since it was stocked.

I moved a little bit and found the second rainbow, smaller but determined to fight for its life.

Than I hit the fallfish school. They were taking everything, including streamers, and were not shy at all.

I finished the night with a double, first of this year. Then I looked at the sky just to find another reason why I enjoy being outdoors.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Romania, simply surprising

My previous post about Romania was not an optimistic one. I am still not optimistic, even if I'm not talking about fishing this time. Deforestation, chaotic construction policies, pollution are just a few factors that make Romania head in the wrong direction. Despite this, there are still plenty of beautiful things to observe. This is a selection of our favorite pictures from our trip: