Friday, May 6, 2016


 Finally a day off!!!! Ready to soak up some sun, despite the temps still hovering in the cool range in the morning. I hit the river in hope for some action. I love the clear green water, which is not too common in New Hampshire. The river is perfect, and I can spot a few precocious stoneflies scraping the surface. Not even one rise though.

 Soon enough I snagged on the bottom and pulled out a small branch filled with fish snacks: caddis pupae, probably getting ready to hatch later this spring. This river can have some amazing tan caddis hatches in May, extending into June, and can provide some memorable moments on the water. It looks like this year is not gonna be a bad year form this point of view.

The fishing was quite slow in the beginning, despite some very nice looking spots, but this made me go off the beaten path a little bit and enjoy the nature's return to life.

And then all of the sudden I found them, they were there, waiting for me to deliver the goodies and sitting still for a picture, but not before an all out fight. Yes, there is a fish in the next picture.

 Lesson of the day: hard work pays off , don't judge a day based on the first few pools. Now get on the water and spend some quality time out there!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

As cold as ice

Winter fly fishing is one of the perks we have in New Hampshire. Season starts on January 1st and some of the rivers still have some open water. This winter was rather mild, and some of the outings rewarded us with some cranky rainbows. However, this has to best enjoyed like fine bourbon: in small doses.
In this situation light nymphing in slow moving water was the right ticket. Dead drift with with some twitches in close proximity to the ice shelf. And the takes were not too shy, these guys were pretty determined, despite the water temperatures in the 30's.

Friday, January 10, 2014

The Centennial State

From all the places I visited in my life, very few impressed me the way Colorado did. Words or pictures are not enough, so you better put it on your bucket list. 

I can't chose what I liked the most: the wilderness of the Flat Tops with its whispering aspens, the wildlife of the of the Rocky Mountains National Park, the quiet mornings and sunset hatches of the Yampa River, or maybe the tirelessness of the Elk River cutting its way through the stone. Was it the snow covered 14 000 footers or the most dramatic multiple rainbows I ever experienced? Maybe fishing the headwaters of the mighty Colorado River or getting lost in the meanders of Poudre River in search of the wild browns?  



Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"The Vermont Experience"

I woke up just in time to catch the sunrise at one of my favorite spots on the way to Vermont.

No alarm needed. The addiction was burning, and my brain was craving for what I call "the Vermont experience". Every fall over the past few years, since I discovered some of its amazing fishing locations, I tried to get at least one day of fishing there. I am still discovering new spots, but still enjoying some of the old ones. What is so special about Vermont? Well, on some of its rivers you get as close to the inner peace as you could ever be. Everything narrows down to the fly on the water and nothing else matters. And in the exact moment a fish hits your fly, the time stops and all the worries are gone....If you are a fly fisherman, you know exactly what I'm talking about, if not,'s not too late yet.....

  I came for the wild fish that breed  in those waters. Prepared with nymphs, especially in the cool October morning....

But little I knew....BWOs were in full hatch and the very first cast brought the first fish to the net...on a dry.

The rest of the day was just as good as I expected. Vermont is one of those special places where the beauty of the landscape is only matched by the beauty of its fish. I am already dreaming about next fall....