Monday, October 12, 2009

Last trip

Last trip of the year 2009 to Pittsburg. Oct 15 brings the end of the season and a well deserved break for the fish in Upper Connecticut River. The foliage combined with the natural beauty of northern NH are creating one of the most picturesque places from the east coast which attracts thousands of tourists yearly.

Fishing was pretty good, no real trophies, but some beautiful fish, plus the relaxation that fishing in such a beautiful spot can bring. I targeted mostly landlocked salmon and I ended up catching quite a few of them, plus some rainbows and a splendid male brookie, in full spawn colors.

Freezing in the morning:

Best solution for cold weather - some adrenalin in your system:

This was the view from our dining room at lunch time that day:

Then more fish:

At least once that day I was happy it was cold:

And some more pictures on the way back:

Sunday, October 4, 2009


The fall is more and more visible over NH. Salmon time! The broodstocks are in the river, but from what I've seen they are smaller than last year.

Today I combined nymphs and streamers for some of the biggest fish I've caught this season. It all started with a smallmouth bass that found my cotton candy streamer too sweet, and just a little bitter at the end. Probably my personal record for smallmouth on the fly.

Than the broodstock salmon started to hit. A huge number of attacks, most of them without touching the fly, but only 3 got in the net, plus one lost in the fight. I think they are not used yet to hit a moving target.

I know some of the attacks came from trout, such this colorful brown

This was my candy box of the day:

Then I had to change location. Just as I started to feel better, my friends from the dam started to let the water go. I wish Fish and Game could do something to make the water release schedule more fisheman-friendly. I know there are a lot of people that drive for more than an hour just to catch the king, and it's extremely frustrating when they start to release the water and the fish stop biting.

I think I got even with Dwayne after I landed this strong, jumpy rainbow. I wish he was there so I could see my face in a picture.

The last fish of the day was the biggest, a big fat landlocked salmon who made my reel scream at the highest pitch I've heard it yet.

It was 2:30 pm and that was the moment I realized that I haven't touched food or water from 7 o'clock in the morning....

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall rainbow

When I left my house today to go fishing for an hour before dark, I knew exactly where I can find Dwayne. As I was pulling in the parking lot I saw his jeep on the side of the road. He was in the same spot where last night a huge rainbow gave him nightmares. He lost it right at his feet when the fish made a last attempt to avoid the net and broke the line. I decided to give him some time and I checked the pockets below that pool. Nothing impressive, just some fall fish.
When I got closer I realized that he was anxious to see me. "Where is your damn camera?" Then he pulled this beauty from the water:

The best parts of the story: the fish returned to the river to fight another day.