Sunday, August 22, 2010

August trip

First, I have to apologize for taking my time between the posts this summer. Time wasn't really my friend lately and fly fishing was not that good in the high water temperatures. That's why I had to drive away from home to be able to see some action besides the smallmouth bass. Looking at the full half of the glass, this was an opportunity to explore more fishing spots, some of them very promising for the upcoming fall season.
I got news, my old Sony DSC-W120 was retired from fishing trips to make room for the relatively new release, the Sony DSC TX5, Sony's most recent water/dust/shock resistant pocket camera. I went for Sony because of the great reviews, touch screen, HD video, good picture quality and small size. So far I don't regret the choice, although the touch screen feature can get in the way at times during single hand manipulations. This is a video shot during my last trip, please select the HD option for best quality.

Talking about last trip: It started as a trip to Maine and ended up as a combination Maine/NH, as water in Maine was pretty low and warm. I caught some fish in Maine, nothing spectacular, but I think they were wild brookies. Main regret was a landlock salmon that took my #14 klinkhammer and decided to break the line after a couple of leaps.

Returned to NH, on one of my favorite rivers, I found water levels very low and water temperatures around 66 F (19 degrees Celsius). Fish were still active and a 5:30 to 2:30 fishing session with one hour lunch break produced a good number of fish. What surprised me was a decent number of browns, more than usual on that section of the river. The two little salmon and one brookie I caught came to complete a day dominated by rainbow trout. Here are some highlights from that day: