Friday, May 8, 2009


Primul smallmouth bass de anul acesta, sau bronzeback, cum mai este poreclit din motive evidente. Semn ca apa incepe sa se incalzeasca, deci trebuie sa ma mut mai la munte daca vreau sa prind pastrav.

Pe final au intrat si doi bibanasi, la nimfa in curent pe o nimfa legata cu gandul la lipanii de acasa. Cred ca e randul bibanilor sa depuna icrele. Oricum, o sa fie disponibili la uscate si ude tot timpul sezonului, sunt din abundentza si pescarii nu pe aici nu ii prea retin.

Bun, cred ca asta a fost ultimul post inainte de Romania, sper sa am motive sa scriu si de acolo...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

More silver!

The salmon is in the river but a little difficult to find, because of the water that still hangs on pretty high. And with all the rain this week it's just gonna get higher. However, I was able catch a couple, tagged this time. I'm actually wondering why Fish and Game tags the fish, since it's a C&R area only.
The first one was a little jumper, put up a good fight and didn't stay still once landed.

Then another fall fish, they got pretty numerous in the area, I think they thrive in a big river like Pemi. I know they can get pretty big, a couple years ago I caught two 17+ inchers in Winnipesaukee River and Silver Lake. They are very close to european chub, except their mouth is closer to a bottom feeder. I caught them on anything here, from dry flies to streamers, crankbaits and spinners.

The second salmon of the night was bigger and stronger. I was able to hear my reel screaming a few times before getting the fish in front of the camera.

I ended the night on Webster Lake, exerscising my casting and tricking a few tiny smalmouth bass with my wet flies.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Atlantic salmon vs flyline

As I was saying a few posts ago, the area below Eastman Falls Dam in Franklin is now fly fishing only. But guess what, wormdunkers are among us, they don't just break the law, but they litter too. I would love to here that one of this guys is paying a fine. So if you here about it, give me a sign, it will make my day.

Now back to fishing: first victim of the day was actually fall fish or chub as it's called in Europe. It took a decent size streamer.

The salmon came a little later, probably one of those stocked recently by Fish and Game. Nice fish, great fighter, 22"+. Untagged, and if they decided not to tag the fish anymore, I agree with it. Less harm to the fish.

After I released it, I noticed something weird to my line. At a closer look, I realized that the connector loop was actually destroyed in the fight. Now that is how an atlantic salmon fights!