Monday, June 3, 2013

Spring has sprung: Canada trip part 2

The next day we moved north, looking for something that has eluded me for a while, I wanted to catch my first steelhead. I knew I can do it, I had some pretty good local intel and support. My guides taught me the technique, put me on fish, what else could I hope for?  Meanwhile they did a little fishing themselves. Sotto got the first one on his spey rod:

 Then Hari's turn to land a beauty:
The fish were surfacing all over the place  but all they had on their mind was the spawning, not the food. They were even trying to get into a tiny brook to spawn. Finally, after numerous casts, I could feel the perfect swing and my first steelhead became more then just a dream

Last day of this dream trip was very short. I had a plane to catch so for a couple of hours we chose a nearby creek that had some little ones hanging around

 And some a little bigger:
 The big brown managed to stay hidden from us in the morning, but Sotto found it in the afternoon.

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