Sunday, May 19, 2013

Spring has sprung: Canada trip part 1

    It took quite a bit of work to coordinate 4 guys into 3.5 days of fishing together on some of the prettiest rivers of Ontario. But when passion is involved, things happen. Friday afternoon I was treating patients at my busy clinic and Saturday morning found me chasing wild trout in the wilderness of Canada. Tungsten beads and fishing equipment stuffed into my carry-on luggage raised an eyebrow at the airport check in scan but I made it to Detroit on schedule for the pickup.

  Signs of spring everywhere, although winter was still showing its presence. First river looked absolutely amazing and was a disappointment not to have even one strike between the 4 of us in a couple of hours of fishing. The view compensated for it though, one of the prettiest rivers I ever saw.


Candy was in the river, but the fish were nowhere to be found.

 Then change of location, off to another gem of a river. This one reminded me of some of our romanian rivers, long time ago, before "green" energy fever hit them.

    Only the little ones stayed for the photo ( the biggest one got away) but Sotto managed to scoop a couple of feisty browns from their hiding places.

Dangerous living, those boulders were not there last fall:

The second day brought some meat in front of my camera. In the afternoon we finally hit the jackpot. It started slowly but then the hell broke loose.


 Or should I call it heaven?...

Then in the end, Sotto hit the prettiest rainbow of the day:

 And the fish we caught continued to grow through that night, beer after beer.

 Here's his side of the story


Awesome first 2 days, we are heading north for part 2, stay tuned...