Friday, May 6, 2016


 Finally a day off!!!! Ready to soak up some sun, despite the temps still hovering in the cool range in the morning. I hit the river in hope for some action. I love the clear green water, which is not too common in New Hampshire. The river is perfect, and I can spot a few precocious stoneflies scraping the surface. Not even one rise though.

 Soon enough I snagged on the bottom and pulled out a small branch filled with fish snacks: caddis pupae, probably getting ready to hatch later this spring. This river can have some amazing tan caddis hatches in May, extending into June, and can provide some memorable moments on the water. It looks like this year is not gonna be a bad year form this point of view.

The fishing was quite slow in the beginning, despite some very nice looking spots, but this made me go off the beaten path a little bit and enjoy the nature's return to life.

And then all of the sudden I found them, they were there, waiting for me to deliver the goodies and sitting still for a picture, but not before an all out fight. Yes, there is a fish in the next picture.

 Lesson of the day: hard work pays off , don't judge a day based on the first few pools. Now get on the water and spend some quality time out there!

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Vlad said...

Beautiful fish!